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First Cousins

There are lots of “first” things in genealogy and “First” was the prompt for the week of January 1 this year. Guess I’m a bit behind. Here we go with a bunch of first cousins.

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Tragic Accidents

(Note: I’ve missed a few weeks in the series. The prompt for the first week in April was “The Maiden Aunt,” but I wrote about my only maiden aunt in week four. For the last two weeks, “Storms” and “Taxes,” … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

Myrtle Odessa Primm Even in 1913 this was an auspicious birthday. On 18 January of that year Myrtle Primm received a gold watch. Octagonal in shape with a round face, the watch has delicate carvings, and her initials are engraved … Continue reading

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The Gentlemanly Farmer

Josiah Larkin Deaton My third grade teacher, Mrs. Wright, had a wooden box painted Kelly green where she kept a collection of pictures she had cut out of magazines and mounted on colorful construction paper. Every now and then she … Continue reading

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