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Lucky in Life

Henry Clontz Severs Uncle Henry’s luck began before he was born. His parents immigrated from Germany when his mother was pregnant with Henry. She survived the voyage and Henry was born aboard ship just before reaching the harbor in Charleston, … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

Myrtle Odessa Primm Even in 1913 this was an auspicious birthday. On 18 January of that year Myrtle Primm received a gold watch. Octagonal in shape with a round face, the watch has delicate carvings, and her initials are engraved … Continue reading

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High School Sweethearts

Audrey Hichman Rohleder & Norvell Wordsworth Page A Valentine prompt for Valentine week. They met in school. Her father was a lawyer; his father was an advertising agent. His family was well-off; her family did well enough. His family didn’t … Continue reading

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Dad of the Dear Old

Jack Carlton Rohleder “No son of mine is going to be named Earl!” My grandmother was adamant. She knew she wanted to name him Carlton, but wasn’t sure what to put with it. My grandfather was pushing for yet another … Continue reading

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The Suffragist

Grace Irene Rohleder My great-grandaunt Grace lived 30 years on each side of the turn of the twentieth century. During her life, three presidents died in office, the United States fought in two wars and experienced two economic depressions. She … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Start That’s the first week’s prompt in this genealogy challenge from Amy Johnson Crow. Getting started with anything new is always difficult for me. Do you start at the very beginning? (The Sound of Music says so.) Or maybe somewhere … Continue reading

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