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My Immigrant Ancestor

Frank William Rohleder With this week’s prompt of “Close Up,” I decided to take a closer look at my paternal second great-grandfather. New records are always becoming available; I might find something new!

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Tragic Accidents

(Note: I’ve missed a few weeks in the series. The prompt for the first week in April was “The Maiden Aunt,” but I wrote about my only maiden aunt in week four. For the last two weeks, “Storms” and “Taxes,” … Continue reading

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The Old Homestead

1921 Camp Greene Street The usual image that pops into my mind when I think of “old homestead” (this week’s prompt) is an expanse of land upon which stands a house that one family has occupied for generations. Well, that … Continue reading

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Led Astray by His Brother?

Mortimer Emerson Rohleder My great-granduncle’s first bit of misfortune (this week’s prompt) came at birth when he was given the name Mortimer. Poor guy. At least he went by his middle name, but you know at the beginning of each … Continue reading

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Lucky in Life

Henry Clontz Severs Uncle Henry’s luck began before he was born. His parents immigrated from Germany when his mother was pregnant with Henry. She survived the voyage and Henry was born aboard ship just before reaching the harbor in Charleston, … Continue reading

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Strength of Character

Lessie Cleveland Culberson Aunt Lessie married my maternal grandfather’s brother Robert Lee McKenzie and they raised two sons. Unlike numerous women of her generation, she worked outside the home—first as a school teacher in various elementary schools, and then as … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Tree

The O’Brien Mess There were other families. People with surnames like Casey, Livingston, McDonald, and Terry. But Sarah Louise O’Brien and Bryant Lovin had eyes only for each other. Their parents may have tried to dissuade them. They probably shared … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen

Myrtle Odessa Primm Even in 1913 this was an auspicious birthday. On 18 January of that year Myrtle Primm received a gold watch. Octagonal in shape with a round face, the watch has delicate carvings, and her initials are engraved … Continue reading

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High School Sweethearts

Audrey Hichman Rohleder & Norvell Wordsworth Page A Valentine prompt for Valentine week. They met in school. Her father was a lawyer; his father was an advertising agent. His family was well-off; her family did well enough. His family didn’t … Continue reading

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The Old Home Church

Note: This week’s prompt is favorite name, but since my favorite name coincided with my favorite picture, I decided to write about… Uaine Lochan Say that three times fast! Back in 1854 no one could even say it once slowly, … Continue reading

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